Preventing iron deficiency anemia in infants and toddlers


First Leap is a smart and effective way to detect and treat iron-deficiency anemia in infants. We utilize big data technologies to monitor blood hemoglobin levels noninvasively and painlessly and offer precision iron supplementation to support the healthy development of children.


Iron Deficiency in Infants 

Estimated to effect over 

1 Billion

people globally



of infants and toddlers in OECD

Iron deficiency anemia in infants may impair cognitive performance and motor development 

How does it work?

Blood Hemoglobin Level

On-the-Spot Measurements:

  • Noninvasive and pain-free

  • Immediate results

personalized pediatric nutrition
Care Product

Fortissimo +

Iron chelate drops

For infants with low iron levels we offer precision nutrition recommendations incorporating iron chelate

  • Clinically proven higher bioavailability

  • Reduces gastric complaints significantly