Preventing Food Allergies & Atopic Dermatitis
in At-Risk Infants


First Bite and First Care provide precision care solutions to infants at risk of developing atopic dermatitis or food allergies. We couple advanced analytics and preventive care consumer products to provide a comprehensive solution for identifying and treating at-risk infants. 

Atopic Dermatitis

Affects about


of the population



fold in

industrialized countries

over the last 25 years

Leads to itch, inflammation, red lesions and has numerous health implications

Food Allergies

Affects up to


of the population

More than


U.S. children
have had at least one severe
or life-threatening food allergy reaction

Treatment for anaphylactic reactions to food rose nearly 400% over the past decade

MYOR is the first to predict and prevent atopic dermatitis and food allergies, thereby improving health and saving unnecessary pain and expenses 

Advanced analytics for risk assessment
MyOR’s revolutionary predictive algorithm identifies infants at-risk of developing atopic dermatitis and food allergies:


data points



clinical studies

Identified crucial set of 



How does it work?


Newborn baby
is tested

  • Noninvasive measurement of the skin barrier functionality 

  • Collection of complementary data from the baby’s parents


Feed data
into App
and assess risk

Advanced analytics to determine baby’s probability to develop atopic dermatitis  and food allergies using an AI-empowered algorithm


Early introduction of precision preventive care

Once baby is found to be high-risk, parents are offered an educational package and care package with products to dramatically decrease the chances of developing atopic dermatitis or food allergies

Precision Preventive Care Products

First care

For the prevention of atopic dermatitis

MyOR recommends Cura+ for babies at high risk of developing atopic dermatitis. Cura+ has a dual mechanism: prevents atopic dermatitis it strengthens the skin barrier and supports healthy microbiome, both were found to reduce the risk of developing atopic dermatitis.

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First Bite

For the prevention of food allergies

MyOR recommends First Bite, a peanut snack for the early introduction of peanuts, to babies at high risk of developing food allergies. Studies have shown that early allergen introduction dramatically reduces food allergies. 

Du Toit et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, 2015

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