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Sleeping Baby

MyOr products address different clinical needs with an holistic approach

Formulas for Allergies 

Non-dairy formula for infants with special nutritional needs, with iron, based on isolated soy and rice protein

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Our products are the best in class 


Routine Formulas 

Milk formulas with iron for infants

Formulas for Gastrointestinal Problems 

Formulas for infants with special nutritional needs, with iron, partially hydrolyzed protein, beta-palmitate and reduced lactose

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Formulas For Premature Babies

Formulas with iron for preterm and/or low birth weight infants

Early Allergen Feeding

Peanut Puffs uses as early introduction to improve and train  the immunity system of babies.

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Cream for Atopic Dermatitis 

Delicate baby lotion to increase hydration and reduce risk for atopic dermatitis. 

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